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The Small Business Enterprise Centre - SBEC SAMOA is a semi-government organization established in 1994 to encourage the development of small business in Samoa.


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Our Vision

"A better life for all through business opportunities."

The statement is inspiring and encompasses SBEC's goal to encourage positive change in the community through small business development. In addition, it complements the Government of Samoa's Statement of Development Vision of an improved quality of life for all. SBEC aims to take people from the informal business sector to the formal sector.


Our Mission

"To lead sustainable small business growth and development."


Our Aspiration

"To be recognized as the preeminent organization in the Pacific Region that provides expert and best practice services and support to small business."


The SBEC Model for business development includes business training, business advisory; facilitate access to finance and business nurturing and support. This model has made SBEC a unique set up for an organization mandated to support and grow small businesses in Samoa.


Services Offered

  • Small Business Management Training.
  • Small Business Advisory Services.
  • Facilitation of Access to Financial Resources.
  • Advocating and Facilitating Small Business into Positive Change, a Small Business Loan Guarantee Scheme (SBLGS) is set up to provide client's loan with one of the selected participating Financial Institutions.

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